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Bed & Breakfast
Le Jeune Marronnier

Our Bed and Breakfast 'Le Jeune Marronier' lies by the lake of Robertville, hidden in the Ardennes High Fens. It is a mansion in the Belgian Ardennes built in the style of this part of the country. The house, tastefully decorated with beautiful artwork, is nestled in beautiful wooded and rural surroundings.

In this authentic place, you will find silence, space and atmosphere. Here, in the area of the High Fens, all creatures emanate an atmosphere of well-being and simplicity. You will immediately feel the weight of stress and your hectic life falling from your shoulders, and you will feel like an entirely different person: welcome to another world!

Many possibilities

Bed & Breakfast 'Le Jeune Marronnier' is located near Reinhardstein castle and Malmedy, the town of flowers. Beautifully decorated rooms reflect comfort and atmosphere. Our terrace in the sun with a sauna and a mini-pool add to the pleasure and comfort of this Bed & Breakfast.

We cordially welcome our visitors and hope they will find the peace and quiet they are looking for. Nevertheless, we have not forgotten our more active visitors! There are plenty of outdoor activities in our surroundings. Hiking and educational excursions are also some of the options.

We also welcome families! We have plenty of provisions for them. Le Jeune Marronnier has 2 spacious family studios, 2 large bedrooms, books, comics, games, DVDs and music.

Join our table

Under the principle of 'pot-luck-Burgundian-style', we are happy to prepare a delicious 3-course dinner on request, including a starter, a main course and a dessert.

We have a garage available for motorbikes and old timers, and have a place to keep your mountain bikes.

Dogs are not allowed at Le Jeune Marronnier.