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The surroundings

Waimes/Robertville - 'Le Jeune Marronnier' is a mansion in the Belgian Ardennes built in the local style. The house is situated in beautiful woody and rural surroundings. The tasteful and personal decorations of the house will ensure that you will feel at home immediately.

You can wander around endlessly in the surroundings of 'Le Jeune Marronnier', enjoying nature and recharging your batteries. Those interested in culture will experience 'Le Jeune Marronnier' as a perfect basis for visiting cities such as Spa, Stavelot, Aachen, Luxembourg, Li├Ęge and Maastricht.

Robertville is a haven of peace, healthy air and unspoiled natural beauty. Come visit, be at one with nature and discover a peaceful reservoir, deep valleys and a medieval castle, overwhelming woods, all set against the background of a unique biotope: the High Fens. What's more, you will be in a region where people enjoy doing their best to comprehend your language, which will only make your stay more pleasant. We are sure you will return sometime!

The Ardennes is a place where you can enjoy a special holiday. Nature here is varied, and astounding views can be taken in from the tops of the hills. The chances are high that you will encounter roe deer, red deer or even a sounder of wild boars.